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High Schools in the area: Steenberg, Lavender Hill, Sibelius, Crestway, Heathfield, Grassy Park, Grassdale.

Primary Schools in the area: Sullivan, Harmony, Zerilda Park, Levana, Delta, Lourier, St Mary’s, Steenberg, Square Hill, Heathfield, Parkwood, Sid G Rule, St Clements

Schools set gain financially from local estate agents

Cape Town schools stand to make thousands of rands from a new concept developed by a Plumstead-based property firm.

Fusion Properties’ owners William and Cyril Ballakistan’s passion for the education of young people have led to their decision to share their profits with schools.

“Education is the cornerstone of our society - the kids of today are the leaders of tomorrow. It is therefore imperative that we treasure our children and allow them their constitutional right to be educated,” said William.

“But our learners, educators and parents face daunting challenges - gangs, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage sexuality and crime to mention just a few. There is also a huge lack of resources and teachers have to cope with classrooms in excess of 50 pupils.

“Often these problems are the result of lack of finances. Not all governing bodies can afford to employ extra teachers and hire security firms to ensure the safety of learners,” said William.

The Ballakistan brothers have now decided to put their money where their mouths are. Their concept is based on rewarding a school where learners, educators and parents refer property sellers to Fusion Properties.

“All they need to do is to refer the seller to us and we will do the rest. If the referral leads to a sale, we will reward the school with 0.25% of the purchase price of the property. The school thus stands to make R1000 on a property sold at R400 000.

“Similarly, parent introducing a seller to our agency stands to gain by the same amount,” said William.

Staff members with the most sole mandates will be entertained with a mid-week or weekend break upon transfer or the earliest available date thereafter. The school with the most successful sales will receive up to R5000 towards an end-of-year function.

For more information, contact William or Cyril on 083 447 0160 or 073 468 3137 email:

The parent / school partnership

a presentation by school psychologist, Tony Roberts.

Capetonians have much to complain about

  • Crime
  • Violence
  • Water restrictions
  • Unemployment
  • Corruption
  • Global warming

But we also have much to be positive about

  • Beautiful country, province and city
  • We have come through 10 years of democracy
  • The opportunity to access knowledge and schooling
  • A well functioning school with a caring staff
  • The possibilities within a ‘global village’

Lets choose to be positive!!!

There is a need to continue to strengthen the relationship between parents and schools so that schooling can increasingly become a time of cognitive, physical and emotional growth  for our young people.

Dissecting the word school

  • S – Striving.  Assist the learner to strive to reach personal potential: each learner is a special person with special gifts to offer the world.  This assistance will encourage him/her to persevering in spite of obstacles, whether physical, psychological or social.
  • C – Communication. Talking to has its place.  Do we, though, balance this with talking with? We are reminded that the most powerful aspect of communication is listening.
  • H – Holistic development: physical, cognitive, psychological and social development.
  • O – Openness.  A need to be open about issues such as sexuality, substance abuse, etc.
  • O – Opportunities. Exposing the young person to the various opportunities and choices available. Using the opportunity of secondary schooling to its fullest.
  • L – Love.  Unconditional love.  Separating the person from the deed: “The naughty child”

Every young person needs at least one adult who cares and loves unconditionally.

“Your child is fortunate to have you as his / her parent or guardian”

Normalising the stage of adolescence

A worried mother took her son to a psychiatrist and said, “Doctor, I’d like you to evaluate my 15 year old son.”  Without glancing at the boy the psychiatrist said: “He’s suffering from transient psychosis with an intermittent rage disorder, punctuated by episodic radical mood swings, but his prognosis is good for full recovery.  “How can you say all that without even talking to him?” asked the mother. “Well, didn’t you tell me he was 15?” (Cape Argus, Last Laugh)

Summary and Conclusion

  • Talking with helps to develop emotional intelligence, cognition, thinking skills and relationships.
  • Positive reinforcements are important.
  • Consequences must be consistent.
  • Unconditional love is essential to enable learners to develop their true potential.
  • Relationship building skills are crucial.
  • Knowledge about available resources are important so that opportunities can be taken.
  • Strengthening of the school / parent partnership is crucial. The school is, after all, an extension of the primary educator, namely, the parent/ guardian.

A talk by Tony Roberts               EMDC South Metropole

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