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South African Police Services offices:

  • Steenberg
  • Grassy Park
  • Muizenberg

Bambanani Against Crime

The South African Police Services’ Bambanani Against Crime campaign has visited the Retreat area. And although crime is one of the major social evils in South Africa today, only about 120 people, mostly police officers and volunteer crime fighters attended this event. The venue, Retreat Civic Centre, can accommodate about 1000 people.

The event was organised by the police’s Philippi Zone, which consists of Steenberg, Grassy Park, Wynberg and Philippi police stations.

According to the acting head of the Zone, Senior Superintendent William Pienaar, communities under the jurisdiction of these police stations face violent crimes and abuse of women on a daily basis, while the problem of illegal shebeens was also of major concern.

Superintendent Pienaar urged communities to stand together and report all crimes to the police. Criminals and criminal activity can be reported to the police’s crime stop number 08600 10 111 or the emergency number on 10111.

7 Rules of Safety

Share these 7 Rules of Safety with your family and friends. Make copies and take them home so that your parents can share with them as well.

  1. Before I go anywhere, I will always Check first with my parents, guardian or person in charge. I will tell them Where I am going; How I will get there; Who will be going with me; and When I will be home.
  2. I will Check first with my parents for permission to get into a car or leave with anyone, even someone I know. I will Check first with my parents before changing plans or accepting money, gifts or other items.
  3. It is safer for me to be with other people when I go places and/or play outside my house.
  4. I will say NO if someone tries to touch me in a way that makes me feel frightened, uncomfortable or confused. Then, I will immediately tell my parents, or my teacher, or another grown-up that I trust.
  5. I will know my own home telephone number, street address and parents' work numbers. In case of emergency, I should try to contact my parents as soon as possible.
  6. I will trust my feelings and talk to my parents, or other grown-ups that I trust about my problems that are too big for me to handle on my own. I know that my parents, teacher, or other trusted adult will listen to and help me.
  7. I am a strong, smart individual and have the right to be happy and safe.




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South African Emergency Numbers:
Fire & Ambulance
: 10 177
From Cell Phone:112
Police: 10 111
Call the Tygerberg Poison Information Centre
on 021-931 6129 or
Poison Advice Line
0800 333 444